Magnetic resonance

Absolute Contraindications are:

  • Hip arthroplasty with material other than titanium
  • The existence of a pacemaker
  • Pregnancy before the end of the 3rd months


NO PREPARATION IS REQUIRED for the following MRI examinations:

  • Brain
  • AMSS
  • Visceral
  • TMSS
  • OMSS
  • Lithoid through acoustic pores
  • Upper – Lower Abdomen
  • Posterior peritoneal space
  • Hip pelvis
  • Upper or Lower Limbs
  • Cervix
  • Ankle
  • Pichocarp


=> In case the examinee wears braces on the teeth, the examination should be done in consultation with the dentist – orthodontist.

=> For an MRCP test, the subject should not eat for at least 6 hours before the test

For the following tests, a paramagnetic substance is administered  :

  • Brain MRA
  • Carotid MRA
  • MRA Thoracic Aorta
  • Abdominal Aortic MRA
  • MRA of Renal Arteries


***In cases of claustrophobia or inability to cooperate there is the possibility of performing the examination in the presence of an external anesthesiologist

***The examinee is requested to provide previous examinations (Films or CD)

***For the “Breast MRI” examination, the examinee must have done it between the 9th and 13th day of the cycle. There is no time limit for menopausal women.

***For MRI Pyelography, lasix is given intramuscularly before the examination

***For Upper-Lower Abdominal MRI, intramuscular buscopan is administered.

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